Al-Hujjat Momineen Trust
For the Betterment of Society

Al-Hujjat Momineen Trust is doing practical for the Welfare of Shia Haider Karrar and society. It is our aim to help poor and widows in every way.

We consider it our duty to support the education of the children of the poor. Today India has a population of about 30 million Shia’s out of which more than 70% are forced to live below the poverty line. In such a situation educating children is a major problem. There was a time when our nation had judges, doctors, professors, engineers, IAS, PCS, etc. People of Jafari community used to be prominent in big and great positions, but today it is lacking. Due to lack of higher education, Shia people are not seen even in government, semi-government and private companies. Emphasis on children's education is the need of the hour. Our organization fulfills this purpose there is a war-scale campaign for children and not only reaching the cities but also the rural areas, providing financial assistance and other assistance to the children. Funds are used according to the instructions of the donors, respecting the wishes of the donors. Despite all this, the poor of Shia’s in India Funds are very scarce in proportion to the large population due to which the institution is unable to provide assistance in many cases.

Therefore, we request the government to provide financial support to our institution Please bother so that we can help the nation according to the need. On which the annual expenditure of two core rupees has been estimated. There is a strong hope that the Indian government will consider our request for the welfare of the people of India, and the wealthy people who want to help to pay the Khums Zakat, QazaNamaz and Rosh, can help the deserving people through the organization. Please take the trouble to allow our organization to..